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Hỗ trợ thanh toán

Customer services


> Delivery Confirm
After ordering the delivery status of your order, or order details can be confirmed. If you are nonmember, will be find Delivery Confirm Menu and if a member is confirmed in the My Account menu for your order details.


> Have a question?
If you have questions email us your questions as soon as possible is to send mail to you
> Payment

Only credit card payments for orders are available, you pay a bill that will be charged to Available payment cards is VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB.
All orders will be delivered after payment has been completed. Please make the payment by credit card via Paypal site at Our e-mail address for you to make a payment is Sales@VietnamFlowerNetwork.

> Member register
Membership is free and membership discount after the order of the point or benefit is provided to you. Points earned can be used with the following order.

> Are you Florists?

You're running a florist shop open from overseas if you order through us allows price discounts. Many of our overseas partners and become an excellent florist in to your special order ships is going to provide the best service. 15 years we have provided a flower delivery service is an excellent company. Sign In now for a florist member, you start with the best service we will provide.