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Send Valentines Day Flowers To Vietnam

The 14th of February is a traditional day to express your love and admiration for someone special. Our Valentines Day Flowers offer a little bit of everything, for the traditionalist to the modernist and somewhere in between. Whether you are a purist and prefer sending classic red roses for Valentine’s Day or like to spice things up a little, we are confident you will find the perfect gift to send your Valentine.

Send beautiful valentine's day flowers to vietnam
Send Beautiful Valentines Day Flowers to Vietnam

Send Valentines day flowers to Vietnam 2016

This year, Valentine’s day falls on Sunday, 14th of February although there may be some of you who would like to surprise your partner at their work place on Friday. This year Valentine coincides with the traditional Spring Festival of Vietnam, hence the atmosphere will be more exciting. Giving someone flowers on this occasion does not only show love but also a wish for a new year of peace and happiness. So, contact us now to have a flower bouquet of your choice. Since this is one of the biggest holidays of the year, our advice for you is to place your order the sooner the better. Delivery is free of charge for every order all over Vietnam
Please click the link below to watch our video "How to send flowers to Vietnam"

Why not add a tasty chocolate or teddy bear to your Valentines Day Flowers?

Our Valentines day flowers range from traditional blooms such as long stem red roses to “slightly different” blooms such as bright happy sunflowers, lily bouquet and exotic orchid plants, plus everything in between. We also provide extra special treats to spice up your gift of romance, including tasty chocolate, cute teddy bear. Pamper your partner by ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day – simply place your order via our online florist shop team do the rest, easy.
And if you would like to compose a lovely romantic message, we can easily arrange for this to be printed on a card to accompany your Valentine’s flower delivery. If there is something unique and personal you want send with your blooms, our expert team of trained florist would love to assist you.

Why do we send red roses for Valentines Day?

Women are mostly romantics and big fans of fresh flowers.  One of the best presents they can receive is a bouquet of roses. We all know that to send red roses for Valentine’s Day means “I love you” & “romantic love” but what about other rose colors? Here is our guide that may help you to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day roses.
send Bouquet of red roses for Valentines day in Vietnam
Send Red Roses - Beautiful Valentines day flowers to Vietnam
White roses: purity, innocence, “I am worthy of you”
Red and white roses combined: Unity
Dark pink roses: Appreciation, gratitude, thank you
Lavender roses: Love at first sight, enchantment
Orange roses: Desire, fascination
Yellow roses: Joy, gladness, friendship, promise of a new beginning
Yellow with red tulip: falling in love
With the wide range of colors and meanings, choosing the right flowers to send your love one this Valentine’s day won’t be difficult. Make your Valentine’s day special this year with the perfect flower communicating your words of love for you.
Now is the time to send valentines day flowers for your loved one. The love train is boarding now, see you at the station. 

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