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5 Tips for ordering the best Valentines day flowers in Vietnam

February 14th is arriving and ordering the best Valentines day flowers is quite difficult. Whether you’re a seasoned valentine or this is your first Valentines Day flower purchase we’re here to give you our expert tips on perfecting your best flowers.


1. Ordering Valentines day flowers ahead gives you the BEST selection.

the Best Valentines day flowers in Vietnam

Tips for ordering the best Valentines day flowers in Vietnam

Want a morning or afternoon delivery? Want to make sure your Valentine gets their favorite flower? Then don’t wait to order! Popular varieties, availability, and delivery times may sell out if you wait until Valentine’s Day to place your order. Valentine 2016 is very close to the Vietnamese New Year. The flower supply is very tight and the price may go up from time to time. Thus, we sincerely encourage you to place your order early to save money and time. And now that we have an online florist shop, you have no reason to delay


2. Size and color of Valentines day flowers

A bouquet of red roses is all about the romance and remains a classic contender for the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers. But here’s our secret: Red is not the only gesture of true love. If you want to change it up a bit this year, consider what colored roses say to your Valentine…

Red roses is the best valentines day flowers in Vietnam

Red rose remains a classic contender for the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers


Sending flowers to mom? Deep pink roses are a sign of appreciation and gratitude. A good friend will appreciate yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, caring, and affection. If you’re sending to a secret admirer or budding relationship consider a bouquet of white roses, which signify young love, purity, and innocence (many people associate white roses with sympathy but they can also offer a deeply thoughtful gesture of love). Brand new romance? Orange roses say enthusiasm, attraction, and excitement while lavender roses are an indicator of love at first site. Try out a light pink bouquet, which says elegance, happiness, and gentleness for a sophisticated Valentine.

How big? One dozen roses say “be mine;” two dozen says “I’m yours;” and three dozen or more says “I’m head over heels”. Choose wisely.

3. A surprise flower delivery makes a BIG Impression on Valentines day!

February 14th is on a Sunday this year, so if your Valentine has weekends off from work consider sending your flowers a day early so everyone at her job will know just how much you care. We recommend selecting a vase or basket for work flowers to make sure they stay fresh all day.


Alternatively, have your bouquet sent to the restaurant of your choice for your V-Day dinner. The restaurant can set them on the table before you arrive for a heartfelt surprise. A shorter, more compact arrangement works better for this scenario but will be sure to make a big impression.

hear shaped flowers on Valentines day

Special flowers make a big impression your Valentines day


4. Know your Valentine.

Not everyone likes roses, so make sure your bouquet reflects your Valentine’s unique personality. A vase of orchids, orchid plants, tulips, or hydrangeas are gorgeous alternatives to roses. Green plants are also a beautiful and less conventional option and generally last longer than fresh cut flowers (unless you aren’t great with caring for plants :). Other crowd pleasers include gerbera daisies, hyacinths or an assortment of distinctive flowers of their favorite color. If you’re still not sure, leave it up to our team of designers; after all, this is our specialty!

tulips are the best valentines day flowers in vietnam

Tulips are special Valentines day flowers


5. Flowers + Chocolates= Success

Send a little extra love with your delivery this year. Add on chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, balloons or even a plush animal to your flower order to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

roses and chocolate are the best valentines gifts

Flowers and chocolate make your Valentine romantic


Take a look at our best deal on Valentines day flowers and say "I love you" with flowers.


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